City Council approves sale of 22 TCHC homes

Tenants for Social Housing members were dismayed after the June 15/16 2011 City Council meetings, in which Council voted 33-10 to sell 22 scattered housing units. While some members of Council argued that the sale would provide funding to fix-up other TCHC units, we argue that the solution to neglected public housing will not be found through cannibalizing social housing stock and selling off public assets.

We fear that this sale is only the beginning. Outgoing TCHC one-man-board member Case Ootes has proposed the sale of all 928 scattered housing units. We ask tenants: will your home be next? We ask the City: where would the families that live in these homes go? We firmly oppose the sale of any more social housing in Toronto.

1 thought on “City Council approves sale of 22 TCHC homes”

  1. We are not for sale. There are thousands of people are in waiting list to get subsidized housing. If you sell tenant houses, then toronto housing need to move them to other units because they can not be on the streets. Then the waiting list get longer and longer and it cost against public and poor people. It is against humanity, it doesn’t help people. Rich people make business and become richer and poor people get homeless and take them longer to get houses. This is totally a bad idea. It is all about two side business people making business and don’t care about people become homeless.

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