3 thoughts on “*NEW* On-line Petition”

  1. I am on disability and live in housing,I would be homeless if our building was sold. Toronto needs affordable housing.Either market rent or subsidized rent. It took me 19 years to finally get my housing. Please do not sell our housing. Scatterd homes r needed for a large family. When i first got my housing it was a scatterd home,I live with by polar manic depression and panic attacts.Also being a rape survivior I could not live in a building with lots of people,using laundry room alone or taking the elevator.I have 2 children and would have been homeless if Housing did’nt exist.Now I am feeling a small bit better,and ive learned to live in a building.I do not go to the laundry room alone but i do ride in the elevator alone. I have so much to say about this topic but i am not that great at putting it in words. But I thiink u get the jest of things.

  2. My husband, 5 children and I waited 12 years to get housing, after living in a 2 bedroom apartment above a store. Everyone in our family works and contributes to the household. Many times often making and paying for our own repairs in and on the house. Selling this house would be a big hardship for us after living in the same apartment for 25 years, it has been like heaven to live here in a nice neighborhood with good neighbors and a lot more space.

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