Join Tenants for Social Housing at this month’s TCHC Board meeting.
Friday, October 21, 2011
9:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Toronto Community Housing
931 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4W 2H2
Ground Floor Boardroom

On Friday, October 21st, the TCHC Board will have in their hands a staff report encouraging the sale of more than 1,000 homes across the City. The staff report is calling for over 1,000 tenant homes to be sold to deal with the capital repair backlog that no level of government is interested in dealing with. Yet again, tenants are being forced to be the scapegoat for a capital repairs crisis we didn’t create.

Join Tenants for Social Housing at the October TCHC Board meeting and speak out against the sale of our homes and destruction of our communities!

Register to make a presentation to the board by contacting Janice Lewkoski, Legal Services Administrator │416-981-4232 │

Email the Board and let them know how you feel! Send mail to CEO of TCHC and ask that it be shared with the entire Board. Please “CC” us ( on your email. You may also want to copy the message to your City Councillor and Provincial MPP, so they realize that there is major opposition to these proposed sales.

Click here for the full report being presented to the TCHC board. 

DOWNLOAD OUR PRESS RELEASE: (T4SH Press Release Oct.20_2011)


  1. As a tenant of stand alone housing since 1988, I am totally shocked and outraged over this recommendation of selling the property that myself and my 2 daughter live in. I was totally in the dark about this until Julie from the t4sh phoned to let us know that our home is on the list for sale. Nobody informed us of this matter at all. They want to sell our home right out from under us. I may have had a subsidy, however for all the years that I worked I was charged by my gross amount. Through these years they have never maintained the property, and the maintenance has come out of my pocket. In regard to the utilities, they allow a budget of 85.00 a month. There has never been a change in this to reflect the cost of living since 1991. I plan to be at that meeting at the TCHC on Friday..

  2. I also plan to attend Friday’s meeting. I am outraged that TCHC would consider taking homes from so many families, I have built a life for my 3 young children here. A life where they have a chance to grow up and thrive based on a safe and stable environment. How dare anyone want to rob my children of a home that they love. Shame on the board members and others who agree that this is a suitable solution to funding an organization who has recently been involved in a huge money scandal. If TCHC is trying to cut costs then perhaps they should monitor the spending of their employee’s. I sure would love a $1000 spa treatment, how about you???

  3. We are tenant, not for sale! If our houses are sold, the TCHC need to move us to other units which are for people who are in the waiting list because they can not leave us on the street, and the waiting list is getting longer which is against humanity and cost against poor people. This idea is not helping people. This is not the right way to bring money for housing, making tenant homeless. If TCHC is really need money to repair some units, they can increase the rent or charge the tenant some utilities or ask the tenant to take care of reparing. This is not the right idea. It is not a matter of one or two families to sell houses. Thousands of people become homeless which include children, seniors, women. This is a plan of rich business guys who are trying to make some extra money out of poor people.

  4. Carol,
    I plan to attend the meeting on Friday, to show TCHC that our homes are
    not for sale, we have families and I especially have a special needs child
    with extra ordinary needs and would like to know if this means any thing to
    them.This is just another job to them as long as they are getting their checks I wonder how they sleep at night knowing that so many families
    would be force out on the street. Also what about the tenants who are on
    Social assistance and can hardly make ends meet how would they afford to
    find or even get place to live most places are not renting to people on government assistance. this is why so many people will be homeless
    to support their lavish lifestyle.

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