New Video! “More than Just an Address”

Tenants for Social Housing is happy to share this video, which includes footage from the Oct. 21st TCHC Board Meeting, including deputations made by tenants opposing the sale of their homes, and images of the T4SH press conference held outside of TCHC’s headquarters. The video outlines some of our core critiques of the privatization of public housing the the forced displacement of tenants.

2 thoughts on “New Video! “More than Just an Address””

  1. we are not for sale there are lost of people is waiting to get into these housing and why sale them your people is hiring contractors with no name on there on the cars or truck why have so many housing that you can not keep up the maintance make a deal with the contractors for the best deal also there is lost of people who is on a waiting list to get into the housing shope around for a good price to for fixing these place so people can get into the housing who is on the waiting list for good many years.thank you

  2. we are not for sale we pay your staff pay and the maintance and up date these housing we been around for good many years why should you put us out on the street you are very luck that housing has job if it wasnt for us to be in these houing you people well not have a job to go to so keep in you mind to keep these housing so people can get into and try to keep the housininh going and also try to get thepeople off the street your people sale these housing you will be out of a job so think very carecareful be for you sale these housing thank you for you tims

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