Four former Mayors oppose the sale of public housing!

The efforts of tenants fighting to save their homes and communities got a major boost last week when three former Toronto Mayors issued a joint letter opposing the sale of TCHC “stand-alone” homes. Signed by Art Eggleton, John Sewell, and David Crombie, and addressed to Rob Ford, Toronto City Council, and the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the letter argues that the sale of housing “should not be pursued.” The Mayors note that:

“Clearly, it will not lead to an increase in affordable housing; it will not lead to more income integration; and it does not provide the long term financial solution needed to address the repair crisis.”

They argue that: “Toronto needs a new federal/provincial social housing funding arrangement that addresses the need for ongoing repair of the city’s ageing housing stock.” T4SH is heartened by this strong support. You can read the letter here or download a copy (3 Mayors Letter in TO Star).

But that is not all! Former Mayor and current Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission Barbara Hall, has also written to Council, Kathleen Wynne, and Rob Ford, expressing opposition to the sale on human rights grounds. Her letter notes that:

“The plan to sell TCHC’s scattered housing units will further decrease the already limited stock of affordable housing in Toronto. These units were created deliberately to ensure that affordable housing options were integrated throughout the city, so that people of all income levels could live together in the same neighbourhoods. Eliminating these units will lead to a concentration of affordable housing options in specific parts of the city, thus increasing segregation or “ghettoization” of the individuals who live there, many of whom are identified and protected by the code.”

T4SH is happy to find that tenants are not alone in opposing the sale of our homes. Please join us on JANUARY 24th at the City’s Executive Meeting where the sale of homes will be up for a vote. It will be our last chance to make public deputations and let our voices be heard. Letters can also be sent to the executive committee ( Contact us if you have any questions, or need help writing your deputation or letter.

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