Mayor Ford abrubtly decides to defer sale of housing until Feb. 13 Executive Committee Meeting

January 23, 2012

Confusion, uncertainty continue to plague hasty social housing selloff
Tenants dismayed at chaotic process driving potential sale of their homes

TORONTO – After the close of business today and less than 24 hours before the meeting commences, the Executive Committee has removed the controversial sale of Toronto Community Housing homes from the January 24th agenda.

Tenants expressed concern at the chaotic process that seems to be directing the proposed sale of over 700 homes. Confusion over how many homes would be sold, which homes are actually available for sale and how affected tenants would be treated have caused anxiety among social housing residents and concern among many Councillors.

This evening’s abrupt decision to cancel the roughly 75 deputations scheduled for tomorrow afternoon have created further concern that there is no real plan and little clarity about the proposed sale, despite its significant impact on tenants.

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