Housing Minister may not approve sale even if it passes

T4SH members are working hard to stop the sale of our homes, and are heartened by the growing support for social housing, and the recent boldness by Council in stopping the Ford agenda. We are also pleased to see that Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Kathleen Wynne has not made up her mind to approve a sale, even if Council does. In a recent Toronto Star article, Wynne was quoted saying: “such decisions cannot be dictated solely by financial considerations — and that mixed-income neighbourhoods are better for both the poor and the rich.”

Showing that the Minister is concerned with families, communities, and city building, rather than a short-lived profit for the City, Wynne added: “We have to think about what kind of city we want. We have to think about what kind of neighbourhoods we want in the province. And so every time there is one of these decisions that look like they are financial decisions alone, we have to look at them in terms of public policy, and we have to look at them in terms of city-building.”

Link to the article or download a copy: Housing Minister Not Yet Sold

For another take on the Jan. 24th Executive Committee meeting, read this article by NOW Toronto’s Benn Spurr (link here or download: Fords scattered sell off stalls) which features quotes from members of T4SH.

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