Exec Committee meeting postponed until FRIDAY FEB. 17

Mayor Ford has chosen to delay a discussion of selling 740 homes for the second time. Originally slated for Jan. 24th, then Feb. 13th, the item has been delayed again to this upcoming Friday Feb. 17th. According to the City’s website, this change is to handle a “very busy” Exec Committee agenda on Monday. Tenants for Social Housing and our supporters will be there this Friday. At last count, there were 100 people signed up to make deputations.

T4SH will not give up the fight to save our homes. In a recent Globe & Mail article by Patrick White, it was reported that Ford is reconsidering the proposed sale, and working with Councillor Ana Bailao, chair of the Affordable Housing Committee to look at alternatives to the sale. In addition, Toronto’s Wellesley Institute has called for a special task force to consider alternate ways of maintaining social housing, an idea that the City seems to be considering.

JOIN US AT CITY HALL THIS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH, 9:30am! Provide your support by writing to the Executive Committee (exc@toronto.ca) and letting them know you oppose the sale. Come and support tenants and their allies who are making deputations. Sign our petition! Let the Executive Committee know that we are opposed to the sale of even one affordable home! We are not for $ale!

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