Momentum building against the sale of 740 homes

In a Feb. 12th Toronto Star article, David Rider described Mayor Rob Ford as “set to compromise” on the sale of social housing. This about-face comes at a time when Ford is losing the support of Council, and out of conversations with Affordable Housing Committee chair, Councillor Ana Bailao. Bailao is quoted in the article offering a critique of the proposed sale: “By selling those houses you’re bringing 2,000 more people into TCHC buildings, so what happens to the 80,000 people waiting on the list? They’re waiting even longer, so what are you solving here? … We need a full strategy.” The Star also spoke to a representative from T4SH:

Doris Power, a tenant of one of the east-end TCHC homes and one of more than 100 deputants slated to speak to Ford’s executive at the special meeting Friday, was heartened by news of an alternative to an outright sale. “My 29-year-old autistic son is part of this community, it’s where all his supports are,” she said. “TCHC’s argument that we can just move with no impact shows they haven’t consulted us.”

Now that Mayor Ford has shown that he is willing to reconsider the sales, the sole hold-out remaining is TCHC. According to David Rider: “TCHC itself, however, says there is no need to veer from its sales plan.” T4SH urges the social housing landlord to listen to its own tenants and back down from this plan. We also stand opposed to the sale of any public housing.

Adding to the momentum against the sale, contributer Nick Day has released an article: “An in-depth look at the fight to save social housing in Toronto.” Day describes how “Tenants for Social Housing has created a strong grassroots movement to defend social housing,” and encourages supporters and allies to join in the struggle: “Now is the crucial time for concerned citizens of all kinds — labour unionists, public service advocates, activists, artists and any Torontonian who wants to protect the diversity and innovation that makes this city great — to raise their voices about this issue.”

T4SH and our supporters will descend upon City Hall on Friday Feb. 17th at 9:30am for a special Executive Committee meeting. According to Ana Bailao, interviewed on Metro Morning, their are already 125 registered deputants! Even though Mayor Ford has delayed the meeting twice, we have maintained our commitment to these homes and will continue to send this message: We are Not For $ale!

Join us at City Hall! We will be arriving at 9:00am on Feb. 17 to get a seat in Committee Room #1. You can still register to make a deputation by emailing or calling 416-392-6627. Registration is open until Thursday at noon. Send emails to your council, the executive committee, and your MPP and tell them you oppose this sale. And finally – sign the petition!

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