Join T4SH at City Council on March 5/6: Not one home for sale!

Toronto City’s Council will be meeting on March 5th/6th (see agenda) and voting on the recommendation from Executive Committee to create a task force to look at potential solutions to TCHC’s repair problems, and sell over 60 “stand-alone” TCHC homes that are presently vacant. The City Manager has also been asked to bring forward a report outlining: (1) the details of the repair backlog, as it is related to the split between the former Ontario Housing Corporation, CityHome, and Seniors Housing portfolios; and (2) the Official Plan Amendments required to sell TCHC homes, on a property-by-property basis.

While the creation of a task force is a great first step,there are still homes that are up for sale. We have said from day one that we are opposed to even one home being sold, since it reduces our housing stock and does absolutely nothing for the tens of thousands of families on the waiting list for housing. It also opens the door for cannibalizing more and more of our social housing stock.

Please join us in showing your support by:

1. Coming down to City Hall on March 5th (and possibly 6th). The meetings start at 9:30am. We are not sure when our item will come forward, if we find out, we’ll post it on the website.

2. Email your Councillor and let them know that while you feel the task force is a good step forward, we are opposed to the sale of any homes!

3. If you haven’t already … sign the petition!



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