The Future of TCHC is in our Hands: Your chance to give feedback to the Special Working Group on Affordable Housing

The City of Toronto’s Affordable Housing Committee created a Special Working group that is looking into the repair needs of TCHC and the future of “stand-alone” TCHC homes. During the months of June and July, tenants have the chance to shape the future of TCHC by participating in the committee’s consultation.

GET INVOLVED with Tenants for Social Housing in the consultation:

– Attend our meetings to learn more about the issues

– Let the Special Working Group members know that different types of homes are necessary to accommodate the whole diverse range of TCHC tenants.

– Contact your Councillor and ask them to support tenants who want to remain in the communities they call home. Tell the Councillors not to sell our homes. (Call 311 to get in contact with your Councillor)

– Share your stories and solutions on how to deal with repairs in TCHC

Finally, the Special Working Group has distributed a survey to all tenants living in stand-alone homes. If you received a survey, T4SH can help you to fill it out, discuss the implications of the survey, and offer support.


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