T4SH’s Submission to the Special Working Group

Tenants for Social Housing members have drafted a submission to the City of Toronto Affordable Housing Committee’s Special Working Group (SWG), which was created by Councilor Ana Bailao to look at alternatives to selling off 619 homes and ways to fund the capital repair backlog facing TCHC. Please DOWNLOAD A COPY!

We eagerly anticipate the release of the SWG’s report, in advance of the October 9th, 2012 City of Toronto Executive Committee meeting. Our submission to the group asks them to remember the following:

– Different tenants have different housing needs and an effective strategy incorporates a range of housing: including houses, town-homes, stacked town-homes, and low-rise homes.

– Tenants deserve to live in every neighbourhood of the city, regardless of income

– Poor management must not be an excuse to eliminate any affordable or social housing in the city

– The City of Toronto must exhaust tools within its purview to ensure that tenants have access to affordable, safe, and healthy homes.

– Any affordable home-ownership strategy must include a concrete strategy to maintain and build new affordable, rental at-grade homes.

– Tenants must be treated with respect, regardless of who their landlord may be


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