TCHC blasted by Ombudsman for callously evicting seniors

Yesterday the City’s Ombudsman, Fiona Crean, released a report, Housing at Risk, detailing the TCHC’s unfair evictions of senior citizens from its social housing stock. The report found that TCHC used arrears as a justification for evicting tenants who had social and health issues. These upsetting findings show that TCHC has not changed its practices regarding the eviction of vulnerable tenants, which came to light in the LeSage report following the death of Al Gosling. Gosling was evicted for arrears at the age of 82, became homeless, and died shortly afterwards. The report also found that TCHC is not following its own Eviction Prevention Policy, which requires staff to make contact with tenants and treat eviction as a last resort.

T4SH is saddened to find evidence that arrears management is considered a higher priority than providing shelter to the city’s most vulnerable people. As tenants, we have long been aware of this type of treatment, and are happy to see it come to light in this report.

Click here to read the whole report or view the Ombudsman’s Press Release

T4SH will be at City Council (June 11 & 12) for the release of this report. Please join us, and make sure tenant voices are heard. No more unfair evictions! Check back here closer to the date for specific details on when the report will be presented.

2 thoughts on “TCHC blasted by Ombudsman for callously evicting seniors”

  1. I am one of those vulnerable seniors being evicted from my home of 30 years because TCHC has taken away my subsidy and raised my rent to market. I make no income and collect CPP. Market rent is $1,299.00 a month
    This is criminal on the part of TCHC and I am going to the Housing Tribunal on June 24TH again. What a waste of time and money.

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