Join T4SH at City Council WEDNESDAY JUNE 12, 2013 10:30am for Ombudsman Report

Join T4SH at City Hall to show  support for the Ombudsman’s report, which exposed TCHC’s practice of evicting vulnerable seniors from social housing. This will be the second item discussed at the June 12 meeting.

June 12 Council evictions

According to the report, “the investigation’s findings are more unsettling in this case than in previous investigations and inquires, because the TCHC’s prior undertakings remain unfulfilled.” Ombudsman Fiona Crean found that TCHC does not follow its own Evictions Prevention Policy, and does not use evictions as a last resort. In today’s Toronto Star, Justice LeSage weighed in on the report: “The most disappointing thing is that they didn’t follow my report,” he said, referring to his report recommending that TCHC change its approach to evictions, after 82-year old Al Gosling became homeless and died following an eviction from his TCHC home.

T4SH wants to make it clear to Toronto’s City Council that social housing matters, and that everyone deserves a safe and affordable home – especially those who are vulnerable.  Social housing is supposed to protect people with low incomes, and putting them on the street is simply not acceptable.

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