Mayor’s Task Force releases final report

The Mayor’s Task Force on Toronto Community Housing has released its final report.

Tenants for Social Housing issues the following statement on the report:

“Tenants for Social Housing is committed to an affordable housing system which includes social housing, rent-geared to income, market rent and a wide range of housing types to meet the range of needs of tenants.

We believe that neighbourhoods work best when they are mixed of incomes and housing types, and when tenants have a real, meaningful role in shaping our homes and communities.

Tenants living in Toronto Community Housing have experienced broken promises for decades, having our hopes raised and then demolished, like many of the homes we’ve seen come and go.

Tenants for Social Housing is encouraged by the City’s response to the crisis in Toronto Community Housing, but insists that no one should lose their home as a result of new direction or change and will wait for details and real achievements before hope can be a possibility again.‎

We will monitor ‎outcomes from this report in the pursuit of that hope.”

The report can be viewed with an executive summary here on the city website, and the full report in PDF  format is here.

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