We are tenants advocating for the protection, enhancement, and promotion of tenant rights and social housing in Toronto.

We began meeting in April 2011 to stand up for our homes and for social housing, to oppose the sale or privatization of our homes, and to advocate for a stronger tenant voice in the decision making that affects our lives. In 2013 we are still going strong!

As a result of our struggle and the hard work of many allies, we were able to stop the sale of many stand-alone homes that TCHC sought to sell. But the struggle continues. Presently 55 Toronto social housing homes have been approved for sale, and there is no guarantee that the city and TCHC won’t take another shot at our homes. In addition, tenants living in social housing often face poor quality housing conditions, insecure tenure, and stigmatization – and we must continue to struggle to ensure that everyone has a decent, safe, and affordable place to live.

We believe that social housing must be expanded, not privatized or sold off to achieve short-term political goals. Social housing communities provide supportive environments that create healthy, safe, and thriving communities, for tenants and neighbours of TCHC housing.

For more information, download the T4SH fact sheet


Email us at: socialhousingtenants@gmail.com to find out when the next meeting is, or discuss other ways that you can get involved.

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