News Archive on the Sale of Homes

An archive of newspaper and on-line articles regarding the proposal to sell stand-alone social housing in Toronto

Jan. 25, 2012. “Ford’s Executive avoids bold moves on TCHC, Hydro, EMS.” Toronto Star. By Daniel Dale. (Download: Ford Exec Avoids Bold Moves)

Jan. 24, 2012.Mayor delays debate on Toronto Community Housing sell-off.” City News. By Shawne McKeown.

Jan. 23, 2012.Mayor seeks deferral in social housing sale.” Globe and Mail. By Patrick White. (Download: Mayor Seeks Deferral)

Jan. 23, 2012.Ford Delays TCHC Sale“. Toronto Sun. By Don Peat.

Nov. 16, 2011.Housing sale threatens St. Vincent De Paul recovery programs.” Catholic Register. By Vanessa Santilli.

Nov. 10, 2011. “Social Housing Sell-off Uprooting Homes.” NOW Magazine. By: Emily Wheedon. (Click title to link or download here: NOW-Social Housing Sell off)

Oct 21, 2011. “Toronto Housing Approves Sale of 706 Homes.” CityNews Toronto. By Michael Talbot. (Link above includes video coverage of the event, and a tour inside one of the homes included in the proposed sale, which is in great condition) or Download: CityNews TCH Approves Sale of 706 Homes

Oct. 21, 2011.TCHC Approves Housing Sell-Off.” CBC News.

Oct. 21, 2011.Community Housing Board Backs Plan to Sell 700 Homes.” Inside Toronto News. By David Nickle. (Download: InsideToronto “TCHC Board Approves Plan”).

Oct 21, 2011. “Toronto Housing Approves Sale of 706 Homes.” Toronto Star. By Donovan Vincent. (Download: TO Star “TCH Approves Sale of 706 Homes”).

Oct. 21, 2011.TCH Board Votes to Sell over 700 Homes.” Globe & Mail. By: Patrick White. (Download: Globe “TCHC Board Votes to Sell”).

Oct. 21, 2011. TCHC Approves Sale of Over 700 Houses.” National Post. By: Natalie Alcoba.

Oct. 21, 2011.TCHC Votes to Sell off Homes.” NewsTalk 2010. Short Article by: David Woodard.

Oct. 21, 2011. “Tenant Reps only No Vote on TCHC Sale.” Toronto Sun. By Don Peat. (Download: TO Sun “Tenant Reps Only No Vote”)

Oct. 21, 2011.City Approves Plan to Sell Homes“. Toronto Sun. By: Don Peat.

June 19, 2011. “How the mayor can keep a roof over TCHC’s head.” Toronto Star Editorial by Nick Falvo. (Download: Keep roof over TCHC’s head)

June 18, 2011. “An open letter to the new TCHC board members.” Toronto Star. By Joe Fiorito. (Download PDF: Open Letter to TCHC Board)

June 18 & 20, 2011. “How to Improve the TCHC (2-part series).” Toronto Star. By Donovan Vincent and Isabel Teotonio. (Download Part 1: How to improve TCHC 1 and Part 2: How to Improve TCHC 2)

June 15, 2011. “Ford’s opponents need to compromise or innovate. Globe & Mail. By Marcus Gee.

June 15, 2011.Housing Agency Going Corporate.Toronto Star. By Daniel Dale. (Download PDF: 2011_06_15 Dale TorontoStar)

June 15, 2011. “Great social housing sell-off underway, critics warn.” Toronto Star. By David Rider & San Grewal. (Download: Social housing sell-off)

June 14, 2011 City Moves to Sell off Toronto Community Housing.” by: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

June 13, 2011. “Ford’s futile cash grab” Toronto Star Editorial. (Download a PDF copy of the article: 2011June13 Ford’s Futile Cash Grab)

June 11, 2011. “Raising money for much-needed capital repairs” TCHC Press Release (TCHC June 9_2011)

June 11, 2011. “Ford backs off on TCHC sale cash.” Toronto Star. by Daniel Dale. (Download PDF: Ford backs off on TCHC sales cash)

June 10, 2011A kick in the stomach to low-income tenants. Toronto Star. By: Royson James.

June 06, 2011. “Wait lists for affordable housing continue to grow.” Toronto Star. By Laurie Monsebraaten. (Download: Wait Lists Continue to Grow)

April 20, 2011.Ontario retaining right to veto sale of public housing.” Toronto Star. By Laurie Monsebraaten. (Download: Ontario retaining right)

April 06, 2011.Decision-making of one-man TCHC board shows arrogance“. Toronto Star. By Royson James. (Download: Decision making of one-man board)

April 06, 2011.One-man TCHC Board Approve Sale of 22 Homes.” Toronto Star. Robyn Doolittle.

April 6, 2011.22 TCHC Homes Approved for Sale.” CBC News.

April 04, 2011.Widow faces eviction from TCHC-owned home after being promised she can stay.” Toronto Star. By: Robyn Doolittle. (Download: Widow Faces Eviction)

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