Many people  joined Tenants for Social Housing in the struggle to stop the sale of the stand-alone homes. These allies described why we need more, not less social housing in Toronto and Canada. Key supporters included three former Mayors (David Crombie, John Sewell, and Arthur Eggleton) and also the Chief Commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission (and former Mayor) Barbara Hall.  Read their letters here.

In addition, our petition against the sale garnered thousands of signatures. Many people in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the world  told us why they opposed the sale. Here is a selection of some of their comments:

Mark Brill, ON
In a city where rents are already unaffordable, we need MORE, not LESS social housing (not to mention greater rent controls, such as those which used to be in place). It is without exaggeration to say that without more housing, (MORE!) people will actually die. More people (a not unrelated fact) people will be rendered homeless. These units MUST NOT be eliminated, and in fact social housing MUST BE INCREASED!

Trish O’Reilly-Brennan, ON
Scattered homes are among the best ways to house low-income citizens in need of subsidized housing. It has been learned over the years that lumping all the poor people together in one place leads to poor outcomes – whereas integrating subsidized units into more prosperous neighbourhoods leads to better outcomes. In addition, it is short-sighted to sell of the City’s assets for a one-time cash infusion. Once sold, we will never be able to get these properties back. Please reconsider – and come up with a new plan that actually takes into consideration the long-term health of our city and the needs of its residents. Sincerely, Trish O’Reilly-Brennan

Ms. Carina Cojeen, ON
I love having a TCHC building across from me with a few tenants. I don’t want to lose them and MORE Importantly, I don’t want to lose AFFORDABLE HOUSING in my n’hood. We need MORE affordable housing, not less, and from what I hear, there are NO mechanisms in place to protect those rents in the small building across from me. Until we have that, I say DO NOT SELL.

Dianne Maley, ON
It would be a crime if the Hydro Block was sold. It is an award winning project of historic significant, an early experiment in mixed-income housing that succeeded. I’m a former tenant.

Mrs. Joy Taylor, ON
Let’s show the mayor that we all have hearts and care about our fellow man. We are our brothers’ keeper after all.

Ms. Jannie Mills, ON
there ARE alternative to an across the board sale of 700 homes… all it takes is political will.

Mrs. Jean Weaver, ON
If we have such long waiting lists for social housing, how does selling off housing help?? Mismanagement of city housing results in the vulnerable suffering.

Mrs. anne mugenyi, ON
As Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner working with marginalized populations at Anishnawbe Health Toronto I see the first hand consequences of the challenges for individuals to find appropriate housing in this city.

Ms. Shannon Muise, ON
Please Do Not sell our homes, where would we go and live my mom is 78 years old and is not able to pick up and move just like that

Jeanette F, ON
Selling off valuable property is short-sighted of the city. Although it provides cash now, city’s asset base is reduced and a steady source of cash (rents) is eliminated forever into the future. It also relinquishes control of property around the city including heritage homes (>100 years old) which will cause problems later. Other cities have sold off assets and regretted it (Chicago sold its rights to issue parking tickets) – let’s not make the same mistake.

Name not displayed, ON
public housing is for the people. Everyone deserves dignity. Public housing must be integrated in all communities. Selling these home or privatizing these institutions are such wrong-headed, backward notions. Time to get back to thinking and not just wrecking things.

Mr. Anthony Waterman, ON
The sale if any social housing is the first step toward gutting social housing throughout the city. The result can only be more desperate housing situations for tens of thousands. Its time to stop the lies and the bloody liars who tell them from damaging a viable city.

Mrs. Marie Macklem-Allsop, United Kingdom
For 12 years I had the honour of living in Cityhomes Henry Street apartment block. I still hold this model up as an example of social housing that worked to councils in England.

Dr. Linda Briskin, ON
shocking! Short sighted! Such housing is an irretrievable resource.

P Farrell, ON
This is indeed draconian. Have we not seen enough of creating segregated ghettos for a life time ? And how could yanking all these people out of their communities be considered in any way ethical.

Mr. john keegans, ON
save our homes

Ms. Marlena Rogowska, ON
Stop the sale of public housing… there is no ‘gravy’ in public houses, Mr. Ford. Public housing projects should be fully integrated into communities – not ghettoized. People in public housing are part of the communities in which they live and contribute to that community’s character, commerce, vitality, volunteerism, etc…

Name not displayed, ON
I oppose the sale of scattered public housing homes

Ms. Rhondda Smiley, ON
I oppose the sale of social housing in Toronto, and I VOTE.

Name not displayed, ON
affordable housing should be a part of our social contract to protect all citizens. private enterprise has done nothing but profit on the backs of citizens, pushing up housing prices until now downtown toronto unaffordable for any “ordinary” person or family. social housing is a need not an option.

Mr. Dean Maher, ON
We need more affordable housing, not less.

Kelly O’Sullivan, ON
I support tenants in their demand to STOP the sale of their homes!

Robert Brodey, ON
Cities must be nurtured, and quality of life can’t be measured on a spread sheet. So Rob Ford, stop trying!

Rebecca Quigley, ON
For years the scattered house model and the co-op housing model of integrating all incomes together into a community has been proven to work. Please learn from this and continue to allow these communities to grow instead of ghettoizing low-income Torontonians. Don’t sell these homes.

Ms. Kerrie Rusk, ON
Public housing is cheaper than shelters and added health care. We need more public housing in Ontario, not less.

Mr. Benoit Boutet, ON
Keep these tenants in their homes!

Andrea Calver, ON
There is an affordable housing crisis in the City. We need to preserve our current investments in housing and put pressure on the Province and Federal government for a real housing program. Selling our housing sends the wrong message, please don’t do it.

Marjorie Harris, ON
Selling of a public heritage makes no sense whatso ever. Stand alone mixed housing is the way Toronto should and has been going. Leave it alone. Tax cars not the people who can least afford it.

Ms. Samantha Joel, ON
Affordable housing in Toronto is essential. We don’t want ghettos- we want neighborhoods!

Beth Helmers, ON
It is essential for public housing to be integrated into different neighbourhoods in the city, especially in the downtown core. Please don’t sell these buildings. I live in ward 20 and I don’t want my neighbour’s home sold from under them.

Ms. Cassie Bond, ON
This is an outrage. Don’t rob our children of their homes.

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