More than just an address: Tenants for Social Housing Oppose the Privatization of Toronto Social Housing

On Oct. 21, 2011, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) Board voted to sell off over 1000 homes. The Board has further plans to sell off its entire “stand-alone” housing portfolio. This will lead to the forced eviction and displacement of thousands of low-income and marginalized people in Toronto, who have built strong attachments to the communities in which they live, and who have connections to schools, work, supports, and friendships in these places.

This video compiles footage of deputations made at the Board meeting, and a Press Conference held prior to the meeting by Tenants for Social Housing, a group of tenants opposed to the privatization of public housing and forced eviction of tenants. Tenants for Social Housing will continue to join with other concerned tenants and supporters to fight this sale when it is brought to the City Council, and if it is brought to the Provincial government for approval.

2 thoughts on “Video”

  1. We have registered by email to do deputation (with written sumission) to City Exec Cte on Jan 24th., copying your Organization as well as the 2 relevant Ward Councillors.
    Doug will have to come on Wheeltrans from North York, and meet me at City Hall at approx 11:00 am. Hopefully Wheeltrans will not let us down. He also has scheduled Dental appt at Mt Sinai Hosp at 1:00 pm, so will not be able to stay. His presence is IMPORTANT though.
    We have been asked by relatives + friends who remain living in TCHC homes who are at risk of having their homes sold off under them. We lived at 58 Grenoble Dr, Townhouse 4, Don Mills, ON, formerly a Ont Housing Corp owned until. Amalgamation downloaded to TCHC. It is CRIMINAL that Ford, his evil twin and Gang on Exec Cte propose to sell of “affordable public TCHC homes” that taxpayers paid for in the past, while the “waiting list for for affordable housing ” grows daily.

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